Association Aims

Whorlton Village Community Association and Village Hall

Aims and Objectives of the Whorlton Village Community Association

A Summary of Our Aims and Objectives

We aim:

1. To promote the benefit of the people of Whorlton and its neighbourhood, without distinction of sex, sexual orientation, race or of political and religious beliefs, or other opinions.

2. To work with the inhabitants of Whorlton, in association with local authorities, voluntary and other organisations to facilitate educational, recreational and leisure time activities to the benefit of the inhabitants.

3. To secure the future of the village hall, and maintain and manage it to ensure that it meets current legislation and provides a suitable environment for promoting the aims and objectives of the Association.

4. To promote other charitable purposes as may from time to time be determined. The Association shall be non-party in politics and non-sectarian in religion.

Membership shall be open to all persons over 18 years of age on payment of a minimum annual subscription, determined by the Committee.

The Association Committee shall meet every two months and hold an AGM in April each year.

Committee members shall be elected at the AGM, and members are encouraged to attend all committee meetings.

These notes are based on the “Constitution of the Whorlton Village Community Association”, a full copy of which is available from the Chairman.